SG 18 AV Rack with modern Hi-Fi cabinets

SG 18 AV Rack with modern Hi-Fi cabinets



Hi-Fi Rack for upto 50 kgs per shelf

The Tono SG 18 AV Rack is a fantastic way to support your hi-fi separates. (Comes with 4 layers)

Pine Wood Finish is the perfect match for modern hi-fi whilst the satin black metallic columns provide a subtle look. In short, this is one sexy looking rack. Yet it’s also an immensely practical rack. The Wood shelves hold a substantial weight – easily enough for the vast majority of separates. For a great value hi-fi rack that is as practical as it is good-looking, the SG 18 makes an ideal choice.

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Availability: In stock

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Product Description

The SG 18 AV Rack provides your interiors a sleek design. It provides sturdy supportability of up to 50 kg per shelf and comes with 4 layers. Support and isolation are unquestionably necessary for hi-fi or home cinema gadgets to perform at their optimum. The wood shelves of these modern Hi-Fi cabinets give enough stability. It has a delicate and refined design and all thanks to the pine wood finish and satin black metallic columns. The design of these home theatre AV racks gives an elegant look to your rooms and offices.

If you are getting bored from your conventional furniture, the SG 18 AV rack is the best option. By getting just a small piece of furnishing, you can enlighten your surrounding and make it loveable. They are available with three or four shelves. The height of the rack with three shelves may reach 70 cms. Whereas, the rack with four shelves is 100 cms in height. These racks are simple to modify to your specific needs.

Go modern with modern Hi-Fi cabinet

If you are looking to provide a modern look to your room or office, the SG 18 AV rack is the one stop solution. Nowadays, people are increasingly personalizing their furnishings to meet their own needs. Therefore, the days of electronics being put on plain tables are long gone. To suffice such demands, these racks are designed to provide support to high-end audio components and modernize commonplace furniture. The home theatre AV racks are an excellent upgrade over basic living room furniture. These racks will make your system stand out by delivering dramatic performance at an affordable price. Also, you will be able to brighten up the appearance of your dull and drab interiors. The shelves are well-crafted and well-polished. Furthermore, by good design, we have assured that the flow of mechanical energy in the rack’s structure is managed with great care.

Get a clean look with SG 18 AV Racks

Electronic devices require a lot of wiring to operate smoothly. However, these racks provide a clean look by hiding all the wires. This gives your home or office a more refined appearance. It also makes the operation of your home theatres or other devices more convenient. Install these racks wherever you like, depending on your needs. You can also give your existing furniture a new lease of life by adding a modular aspect to it. Simply obtain storage space for your electronic equipment by buying these home theatre AV racks. These modular Hi-Fi racks have a modest yet unique appeal in addition to their high utility.

Enjoy the benefit of using eco-friendly material

The SG 18 AV Racks’ hardwood boards are eco-friendly. These modern Hi-Fi cabinets are excellent for electronic devices due to the heat resistance of the pine wood boards. These racks have a very nice appearance because of the texture of these boards. The shelves are both attractive and long-lasting. Maximum ventilation is possible because of its open construction and moisture-resistant qualities. These shelves can be readily altered to meet your needs as they are flexible. As a result, they are able to deliver the greatest service. The SG 18 AV Racks have mute-resistant supports. As a result, these racks are appropriate for use in homes or workplaces.


  • Modular design for a contemporary look
  • Supports weight up to 50kgs per shelf
  • Open architecture maximizes airflow
  • 3 and 4-shelf Options

Product Information

  • Model Code: SG-15
  • Quantity in Box: 1

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