SG 15 AV Rack- Modular Hi-Fi Rack

SG 15 AV Rack- Modular Hi-Fi Rack



Hi-Fi Rack for upto 50 kgs per shelf

The Tono SG 15 AV Rack is a fantastic way to support your hi-fi separates.

Pine Wood Finish is the perfect match for modern hi-fi whilst the satin black metallic columns provide a subtle look. In short, this is one sexy looking rack. Yet it’s also an immensely practical rack. The Wood shelves hold a substantial weight – easily enough for the vast majority of separates. For a great value hi-fi rack that is as practical as it is good-looking, the SG 15 makes an ideal choice.

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Availability: In stock

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Product Description

With solid supportability of up to 50 kgs per shelf, the SG 15 AV Rack gives an ultra-modern look to your interiors. The pine wood finish blended with the satin black metallic columns provides a subtle and classy look to it. Undoubtedly, support and isolation are essential for hi-fi or home cinema devices to offer the best. Therefore, the best Hi-Fi racks can have a significant impact on equipment’s performance. The wood shelves of this modular hi-fi rack provide full support. They can hold a substantial weight. They come with the option of having 3 or 4 shelves. You can easily adjust these racks according to your requirement. The height of rack with 3 shelves is up to 70 cms while. However, the rack with 4 shelves has a height of 100 cms.

Get classy look with Hi-Fi racks

Gone are the days when devices were used to be placed on simple tables. People have now started customizing their furniture according to their requirements. Therefore, these modular Hi-Fi racks can be used to give a contemporary look to your room.  The SG 15 AV rack blurs the barriers between high-end audio components and everyday furnishings. Therefore, they are a good step up from standard living room furniture. These racks will make your system shine by providing dynamic performance at a low cost. The shelves are nicely polished and well-engineered. Also, with proper designing, we have ensured that great care is provided to manage the flow of mechanical energy in the rack’s construction. This Hi-Fi rack is practical as well as good looking. It is an ideal choice for uplifting your interiors.

Electronic gadgets require a lot of wiring for being functional. The designing of these racks is such that it hides all the wires. This provides a classy look to the room or office and makes the functioning of the Hi-Fi convenient. You can put these racks at a place best suitable according to your requirement. Also, you can add a pinch of style to your old furniture and add a modular look to your furnishings. At a reasonable cost, you can easily get a storage space for your electronic systems. Therefore, you can also enlighten the look of your boring and conventional rooms. The satin black metallic columns of these modular Hi-Fi racks provide them a subtle yet exotic look.

Go environment friendly with this modular Hi-Fi rack

The wooden boards used in SG 15 AV Racks are environment friendly. The heat resistance characteristic of these wooden boards makes these modular Hi-FI racks suitable for electronic gadgets. The texture of the boards gives these racks a very classy look. These shelves are stylish and durable. Its open architecture and moisture resistant properties allows maximum airflow. These shelves can be easily customized according to your requirements as they are adjustable. Therefore, this ensures that they provide the best utility. The stands of the SG 15 AV Racks are mute resistant. Hence, these racks are suitable for rooms or offices. The high quality metal used is waterproof and antirust. These qualities make these racks sustainable and durable. The entire material used in the making of these racks is environment friendly.


  • Modular design for a contemporary look
  • Supports weight up to 50kgs per shelf
  • Open architecture maximizes airflow
  • 3 and 4-shelf Options

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  • Quantity in Box: 1

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