SB 747 RCA Connector

SB 747 RCA Connector



Diameter cable max. 9mm
Connector type phono RCA plug
All metal black chrome housing
Gold-Plated contact material for consistently excellent conductivity
Rotating barrel clamps earth contacts when tightened
Excellent performance with no deterioration
Robust & versatile, easy to install
Meets EU Safety Standards

Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

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Product Description

RCA PLUGS Heavy Duty Connectors

SB747 RCA Connectors are Subwoofer cablebeautifully engineered, all metal phono locking RCA plugs. The plugs feature gold-plated contacts and are designed to be used with high quality audio components and professional applications for optimum sonic performance!

The SB747 phono RCA plugs are constructed from a tough outer black metal shell and gold-plated metal connector and accept cable up to 9mm diameter.

The phono plugs feature a rotating outer barrel which clamps the earth contacts when tightened with a simple twist after insertion, ensuring a consistently high level of performance and connectivity.

Internally, the gold-plated plug has a large shielded solder bucket for the signal pin and grub screw to tighten the cable in place. Cable up to 6.5mm can be secured using the grub screw provided, although cable of smaller diameter can be secured using extra ‘padding’ such as heatshrink.

Together with a split signal pin, the phono plugs provide a firm connection every time, perfect for professional installations.

These Tono audio connectors promote a wide-open soundstage, both vertically and horizontally. They help vocals sound full-bodied and weighty, but with lots of breathing space above them, too. Put simply, if you covet space and detail with sure but nimble footwork and heaps of insight, consider your search for an RCA connector complete.


  • Includes 2 Pairs of Banana Plugs
  • Banana Plugs Make Speaker Wire Installation a Breeze and are Great to Use with A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, Surround Sound Systems, Banana Wall Plates.
  • Connectors & Crimping Teeth are Corrosion-resistant 24K Gold Plated for long lasting product life.
  • The Heavy-duty Plugs are Color Coded, Distinguishing Left from Right to Enable Matching Polarity.
  • Special Teeth and Ring-lock for Strong Grip that Stays Tight for Optimum Signal Transfer.
  • Accepts 12AWG to 18AWG Speaker Wire,  Heavy duty Brass Casing with a Wider Base Minimizes Shorting for Maximum Signal Transfer.
  • Fast Lock Technology Makes it Easy for Self Crimping a Reliable Connection.
  • No Soldering Needed

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