QU371 HDMI Extender

QU371 HDMI Extender



Full HD HDMI Extender

The HDMI Full HD Extender over Cat6 (60m) from Tono enables you to transmit and receive HDMI signals over distances further than those of standard HDMI cables, extending video and audio over a single Cat6/6a cable (not included). The HDMI Extender enables you to transmit a robust signal from an HDMI source (such as a Blu-ray device, cable box, or laptop) to a remotely-located display. The included IR-blaster extension cables help to maintain remote control over distant devices

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Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Tono offers a unique HDMI Full HD Extender that extends to Cat6 up to 60 meters. Acquire exclusive transmission and HDMI signal strength across distances using standard HDMI cables. The HDMI Full HD Extender allows you to gain audio and video through CAT6/6a cable without inclusion. However, the product doesn’t include CAT6/6A cable. Tono HDMI extender delivers transmission of high-performance signals through HDMI source. 

Moreover, these HDMI sources include cable boxes, Blu-Ray devices and laptop devices for remote display requirements. The product package involves IR-blaster extension cables to gain support for remote control through distant equipment. Moreover, our product delivers an EDID and HDCP compliant extender for an extensive channel rate of 16-bit. The overall capacity of the extender caters to 48-bit. Tono has created a compact design to make sure users have an organized display. Furthermore,the transmitter along with the receiver has in-built mounting brackets. 


The Exceptional Functions of HDMI Full HD Extender

Our Tono HDMI Full HD Extender supports the transmission of high-quality signals. It uses HDMI sources to cater to a local and remote display. The list of features is long, however, the highlight remains the exclusive digital audio support through HDMI. Moreover, the inclusions have complete IR control across Cat6/6a. One of the user-friendly features of the transmitter’s HDMI-out port caters to preview for the output on the local display.  

The system has a wide range of applications. However, some of the most common applications include home theatre applications, worship centres and small offices, institutes, classrooms among others. Although, if you want to check whether the HDMI Full HD extender is functional in your space, check the compatible devices. These devices are a Blu-ray player, cable box and HDMI laptop. 


  • Tono Full hd HDMI Extender enables you to transmit a robust signal from an HDMI source (such as a Blu-ray device, cable box, or laptop) to a remotely-located display. It features digital audio support via HDMI, and full IR control over Cat6/6a.
  • HDMI extender input/output resolution supports 480p,576p,720p,1080p, the receive image is clear and stable, colorful and high sound quality without noise. Strong anti-interference,faster transmission speed
  • Use av ir transmitter and receiver, you can control source device at the receiver, support 20-60KHZ IR transmission.
  • hd sender and receiver kit can work with most HDMI-equipped devices, including DVD,DVR,IPTV,CCTV blu-ray players, set-top boxes, cable/satellite boxes and computer systems. 

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