PRO UHD 42 Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers

PRO UHD 42 Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers



HDMI Matrix switch 4×2 4k at 60hz

Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers provides high performance routing of HDMI signals to multiple displays. They meet HDMI Specification features including data rates from 6.75 up to 18 Gbps, Deep Color up to 12-bit, and HD lossless audio formats. Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers are engineered with intelligent technologies that help integrators ensure reliable system operation and compatibility between digital devices.

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Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Matrix switchers are one of the most crucial components for HDMI devices. We bring you the most effective Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers with an extensive performance guarantee. Our switchers offer efficient routing for HDMI signals for multiple displays. Moreover, the matrix switchers have ideal features with a versatile data range of 6.75 to 18 Gbps. It also has intense colour up to 12-bit with HD lossless formats of audio. We have integrated smart and advanced technologies for designing this product. Integrators can gain highly trusted system operation that complies with numerous digital devices. 

One for all Tono HDMI Matrix switchers allows you to eliminate multiple boxes. The switchers play several functions including splitting, switching, and extraction. Although, not just major HDMI sets, the switchers take care of small and medium requirements as well. We offer one of the most affordable HDMI matrix switchers. 

Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers Functions

The Tono Pro UHD 42 HDMI Matrix switch has 4×2 4K 18gbps performance. Furthermore, the switcher supports Audio De-Embedding and Downscaler to gain exceptional output.  The switchers cater to dual HDMI matrix outputs with HDMI 2.0 compatibility. Our matrix switchers cater to four HDMI inputs with dual HDMI matrix outputs. 

Although, the Tono HDMI Matrix switchers require HDMI inclusion for S/PDIF along with 3.5mm audio outputs to cater de-embedding of dual audio. Besides, the system supports ARC support while featuring outputs of 4K to 1080 downscaling functionality. Tono offers the Pro UHD 42 matrix switchers with extensive control flexibility and intelligent EDID management. The switchers are useful for several applications, however, such a sturdy product is ideal for rigorous commercial applications. 


The Pro UHD 42 matrix switcher has several utilities including,

  1. The 4×2 HDMI presentation switcher offers 4 HDMI inputs that extend 2 HDMI matrix outputs. 
  2. The system includes HDMI 2.0b to suit resolutions at UltraHD/ 4K 60 Hz with (4:4:4) including HDR10. 
  3. Moreover, the HDMI Matrix switchers are compliant with HDCP 2.2.    
  4. The switchers offer analogue and digital audio de-embedding to support HDMI audio extraction using ARC. 
  5. Further, the matrix switchers have smart EDID management. 
  6. Users can work out an HDMI matrix switch to access visual on 2 screens without getting any dependency. 
  7. Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers promote suitable distribution and presentation in different rooms. 
  8. Although the switcher is compatible with several visual 3D formats, we have also integrated support for DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD and several other audio formats. 
  9. The digital PCM 2.0 can gain HDMI output through a distinct EDID switch. 
  10. This product has an in-built repeater along with an equalizer to mitigate signal loss. 
  11. The system takes care of automated solid metal casing for efficiency. 

Our Tono HDMI Matrix Switchers are fully-featured. However, for any user concern, we offer a user manual with all the details. So, get your hands on the best Tono HDMI Matrix switchers for extensive use.  

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