Kitchen storage lift KL 150

Kitchen storage lift KL 150



Pop Up Storage Lift for up-to 150 kgs

KL 150 Storage Lift packs an incredible combination of features into a compact and powerful system. Smooth motion, quiet operation.


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Availability: In stock

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Product Description

Storage lifts provide the ultimate surprise element for hiding and revealing things. We want it to be disappeared when it is not in use. This Pop Up Storage lift is an ideal mechanism that can help us out. As an incredibly powerful system, it can smoothly conceal your coffee machine, bar table, knife set etc.

With a strong structure, KL 150 Mechanism offers multiple height adjustments. It can hold weights up to 150 kgs. We have designed it in a very unique style. Therefore, it can hide your appliances in dead spaces easily.  Its smooth movement and operation have made it quite popular across the world. People are widely using it in houses well as offices.

Get a modernized look with Pop Up Storage Lift

We all look forward to ways in which we can enhance your interiors. With high-quality automated storage cabinets, we can actually do it. We specifically design and customize these units to meet your requirements. Our storage Lift for up-to 150 kgs is hand-crafted into luxury furniture.

You can choose where you want to install the mechanism of Pop Up Storage lift. On the basis of your requirements, we will install the Pop Up storage Lift Mechanism to compliment your room. Exclusive cabinets are built to meet your exact design requirements.

In addition to a classy interior, you will also get freedom from unsightly wires. The Pop-Up storage Lift in India also provides a clean look to your room. While watching anything, nobody likes distractions created by bulging out wires. Therefore, in addition to enhancing the design of your room, hidden wires will enhance your experience of watching TV.

Conceal and Reveal conveniently through Pop Up Storage Lift Mechanism

We have made the mechanism very convenient. Just by the click of a remote, you can reveal your Appliance from behind the cabinets. Similarly, through a single click, you can hide it. The high-quality materials used by Tono guarantee an unrivalled warranty. This is an additional benefit.

Tono Storage Lift for up-to 150 kgs  is very easy to operate. The beauty of the product is not limited to its cabinets. In fact, the mechanism of concealing and revealing the Appliances is very smooth and satisfying. The lift has the capability of handling a screen of up to 150kgs

Easy Installation of Pop Up Storage Lift

The trickiest part of the Storage lift mechanism is its installation. However, we at Tono have made it the easiest part. We have access to the most advanced and innovative technologies. Therefore, instead of disturbing you, our team swiftly assembles the Pop Up Storage Lift Mechanism at your doorstep. Even though it is a complicated task, our team will make sure that your flat-screen TV seamlessly fits into the cabinets.

If you wish to seek any clarifications regarding Storage Lift for up-to 150 kgs, you can contact us now!


  1. Wireless remote control, intelligent automatic smooth lifting
  2. Random control, inductive descent to any height
  3. Intelligent anti-clamp, stop when encountering obstacles
  4. The width of the inner cabinet can be expanded freely, large bearing capacity

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