Easygrip 101 Banana Plug

Easygrip 101 Banana Plug



    Tono Banana Plugs

    • Banana Plug are used to finish off the exposed ends of speaker cable & make them easier to plug into your receiver or speakers.
    • These speaker banana plugs are the open screw type & can accept bare wire , spades , or other banana plugs .
    • Banana plugs for speaker wire are sized to fit speaker cable from 12 to 18 AWG.
    • Isolates wires which keep them from shorting out & keep the wire connection secure , help your installation to look cleaner.

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    Availability: In stock

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    Product Description

    Tono brings a highly efficient Banana Plug to offer perfect finishing to the exposed ends of your speaker cables. Moreover, our banana plugs for speakers enable you an efficient utility. You can easily connect them to your receivers and speakers. They have open screw designs and can work with bare wires. However, you can also make them work through different banana plugs and spades. 

    The Banana plugs in India aren’t much flexible. Although Tono has got you a design with flexible sizing. These banana plugs for speaker wire are ideally sized to match the speaker cable through 12 to 18 AWG. You can get the isolates wires to prevent shorting out. Moreover, these wires will enhance the level of security in your connection and cater to a more sleek look. Enjoy clean and precise coverage of your installation with Tono’s Easygrip 101 Banana Plug.   

    Exceptional Features of Easygrip 101 Banana Plugs for speakers

    Our banana plugs in India offer you a wide range of facilities and features. It complements the functioning of your speakers and adds to their audio quality. 

    1. The Banana Plugs for Speakers Have 24K Gold Plating

    The Tono plugs are intended to offer the utmost convenience to its clients. However, there is more to it. The 24K Gold plating supports a higher quality of audio. It incorporates seamless connections along with extensive performance. Our Easygrip 101 Banana Plug has a durable design to prevent the possibility of corrosion. Furthermore, it supports long-lasting functions and zero distortion.     

    1. The Female Option of Connection to Attach Multiple Speakers

    All the banana plugs are equipped with a female banana plug connection at the lowest point. Moreover, it will enable you to connect several speakers using a single output speaker. 

    1. Colour Coded

    All the pairs of the Tono banana plugs incorporate a red as well as a black shell. These shells are to deliver ease in the colour code wires of the speaker. Although, it doesn’t seem of much importance, yet it saves time and energy. You can perfectly manage accurate polarity by using explicit coloured rings.    

    Inclusions in Easygrip 101 Banana Plug

    The said pack of our Tono banana plugs for speakers offer 2 pairs of these plugs with exclusive functions and benefits. 

    1. The banana plugs offer absolute ease in installing speaker wire. Moreover, they are handy with A/V receivers along with surround sound systems, amplifiers and banana wall plates.
    2. The crimping teeth and the connectors are free from corrosion. Furthermore, the 24K gold plated cover ensures the extensive life of the product.
    3. These plugs are heavy duty with colour coding. Moreover, you can create a distinction between left and right polarities.
    4. Our Banana plugs in India have ring locks along with special teeth to acquire a strong grip. It keeps tightness in the maximum signal transfer.
    5. The Tono Easygrip 101 Banana plug is compatible with 12 AWG to 18 AWG speaker wires. In addition, it has a high-quality brass casing with a broad base to reduce shorting.
    6. Our banana plugs also cater to fast lock technology to establish a trusted connection.
    7. You don’t need soldering to get started. 


    • Includes 2 Pairs of Banana Plugs
    • Banana Plugs Make Speaker Wire Installation a Breeze and are Great to Use with A/V Receivers, Amplifiers, Surround Sound Systems, Banana Wall Plates.
    • Connectors & Crimping Teeth are Corrosion-resistant 24K Gold Plated for long lasting product life.
    • The Heavy-duty Plugs are Color Coded, Distinguishing Left from Right to Enable Matching Polarity.
    • Special Teeth and Ring-lock for Strong Grip that Stays Tight for Optimum Signal Transfer.
    • Accepts 12AWG to 18AWG Speaker Wire,  Heavy duty Brass Casing with a Wider Base Minimizes Shorting for Maximum Signal Transfer.
    • Fast Lock Technology Makes it Easy for Self Crimping a Reliable Connection.
    • No Soldering Needed


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